9 Bed Frame Woodworking Plans That are Easy to Build

As a woodworking hobbyist, one of the reasons that could have compelled you to get into the craft might have been the need to make high-quality furniture by yourself, saving money in the process. At least this is the case for many woodworkers we know.

Unfortunately, passion alone is not enough to guide you into creating the best furniture. Besides the passion for fueling your spirit, you need the right woodworking plan to guide your woodworking projects. Today, we look at some of the best bed frame woodworking plans.

These bed frame plans will help you build your dream bed or even give your child their dream bed. The bed frame woodworking plans shared below are free and ideal for different bed types and sizes; from King and Queen beds to day beds, platform beds, double and twin bed frames.

Last updated on July 31, 2021 2:08 pm

1. Kingsize Storage bed – How To Specialist

kingsize bed

If you wish to build a bed frame for a king size storage bed, you might want to use this woodworking plan from the How to Specialist. This frame plan makes a sturdy bed, and the free downloadable plan guides you into a detailed project on building a king size platform bed frame. As a storage bed, the frame will include numerous drawers.

But to make this bed, you only need a ¾ inch plywood/ MDF, as well as generic lumber. The plan will also give you guides for assembling the components together, drilling the pocket holes, and how to join the frames.


2. DIY Farmhouse – A City Born Love

farmhouse bedframe

The plan for this bed frame is unique, easy to follow, and it will leave you with a classic farmhouse bed to match your décor style. This woodworking plan also features a number of diagrams, photos, instructions, as well as video links and smart tips to help you make the best farmhouse bed frame.


3. Romantic DIY Bed Plan – The Accent Piece

Romantic DIY Bedroom Decor

If you’re interested in making a romantic bed with a beautiful headboard, the free bed frame plan provided by The Accent Piece could be exactly what you need. The plan provided by the creator of the plan features photos and simple written instructions to help you make your dream bed. Once you’re done making the bed frame, you will be floored by just how good the bed you just made looks like.


4. Minimalist Canopy Bed Plan – Ana White

Minimalist Bed Plan

If you’ve been dreaming of a four-poster bed or know of a loved one who’d totally love a four-poster bed, you might like this bed frame plan. The plan is designed by the queen of DIY beds and unique bed designs, Ana White.

Though this is a plan for a minimalist bed, you could accessorize the bed with any of your favorite styles.

Ana White also offers bed frame plans for building a clubhouse bed for fun summer nights. In the plan, you’ll be constructing a sturdy pine bed frame with railings, a loft ladder, windows, and if you want to go all out curtains. Under the bed, you could also add floor cushions, an extra bed, or a couch.

You could also use Ana White’s plan for building a Murphy bed, also called a pull-down bed or a wall bed that stands 6.5ft against your wall.


5. Pottery Barn-Style DIY Bed Frame with Storage

DIY Bed Frame

If you’re determined to make the most out of the storage opportunities and the potentials for great storage in your home, you might like the bed frame woodworking plan provided by the Do It Yourself Divas. This plan is in four parts, and you need to follow each of the instructions given for the perfect bed frame.

The bed’s frame houses six very spacious drawers which are not only highly functional but also very gorgeous.

This woodworking plan comes with full instructions on how you will build your bed’s frame with the beautiful drawers that will save you space and money.


6. Toddler House Bed – The House of Wood

The House of Wood

Kids love grown-up beds too, and their beds have to be perfectly styled. So, if you’d like your toddler to join in on the fun of great bed, you could use this toddler house bed frame plan to build them a great bed. You could also add storage space under the bed’s box, keeping your toddler’s room organized and clean.

While the bed frame’s plan comes with specific dimensions for you to work with, you could still customize the dimensions to meet the size of the room and the needs of your child.


7. Princess Castle Bed – Remodelaholic

Princess Castle Bed plan


If your little girl keeps singing about sleeping in a princess’ castle, you could make her dreams true by building them a great castle bed. Thanks to Remodelaholic’s plan for the Princess Castle Bed frame, you can build your child an exceptional bed to allow her to drift into the dreamy fairy-tale land.

Besides the overall plan and layouts for the frames and the storage drawers, you’ll also get instructions and tips on embellishing or personalizing the bed to make it unique and fit for your young princess.


8. Platform Storage Bed – Oh Yes

Platform Storage Bed plan


If you have teens, you know that you can only be smart about dealing with clutter or managing their bad habits of stuffing things in the black hole that is under the bed. This platform bed frame’s plan will transform your teen’s room significantly, and after the finishes and paint works, your teen’s room will be a few steps closer to neat. The frame is easy to create, and though it will take more than a day, the result will be mind-blowing.


9. Free King Size Bed Frame Plan – Shanty 2 Chic

 King Size Bed Frame Plan

With this plan, you can build a huge king-size bed about 7ft long, 5 ft tall, and 8ft wide. The plan has simple step-by-step instructions along with real-life, high-quality photos which will ensure that you never miss a step.

The plan also includes a downloadable PDF list of supplies, length of the boards, as well as color-coded instructions to guide your bed building process. Thanks to this plan, you will be able to build a bed at about 1/10th the price you’d buy the bed for.


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