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About Us – Woodworkingdads.com 

The world has, for the longest time, romanticized white-collar jobs to be the best thing one could do. And even as the world shifts towards entrepreneurship and such other opportunities, many of us look down on blue-collar jobs (regardless of the pay). The result of such a perception is a society build around people fearful of speaking freely about blue-collar jobs.  illustration of a carpenter

You hardly find woodworking listed as a hobby. Traveling sounds more attractive (and it is fun), but we’re here to make woodworking cool. No, we won’t just talk about woodworking while ignoring the intricacies of this back-breaking work. With the right skills, knowledge, and expertise, you could make a living off woodworking, perhaps earn a little more working on woodworking projects over the weekend, and in the process teach your kid a thing or two about working with their hands. 

As a dad, young or old, your goal is to be a good role model or at least try to be one. While living an honest life and working hard on your dreams teach your little ones the value of hard work, your kids could learn more about character, discipline, and also the value of hard work and creativity through woodworking. By watching what you do and even giving a helping hand by carrying pieces of wood, your passion for woodworking could leave you with the most industrious kids you’d ever dream of.  

You could, therefore, think of WoodworkingDads as our unique ways of helping dads become better fathers, raising happier communities.  

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But this is not all: in addition to raising kids well and giving dads something extra to do, we are passionate about woodworking, and we’re using this site to allow dads to exploit their creative sides, for good.  

Having grown around parents who loved woodworking, eventually turning their hobby into a fully-fledged woodworking company, we can only imagine how much you can do from the skills and knowledge we will be sharing. 

You could think of WoodworkingDads as the one-stop-shop for new and old dads to create magic out of pieces of wood and a few tools.  


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Growing up on a farm, we had to help around with the different projects taking place at the backyard. Of course, helping over the weekend meant missing out on fun teenage activities engaged in and being angry at the parents. But looking back today, I’m quite grateful for the skills and the knowledge I picked up then.  

The biggest lesson, however, has got to be the importance of investing in the best woodworking tools. Woodworking might look fancy when you have a bed set up in a day, but that process is impossible without the right tools.  

So, it goes without saying that besides helping dads fill their free time or introduce and teach their kids to woodworking, we created this page to ensure that everyone interested in woodworking and even the experts can learn more about the best woodworking tools. 

We will share all you need to know about the different types of saws and where they can be used. Our reviews and tips will give you information about the tools in questions from which you can select the tools that best fit your needs.  

Whether you need information about hand tools or power tools, we’ve got you covered. In addition to the information shared about the tools you could use, we’ll also share inspirations for woodworking projects.  

So, if you don’t mind spending a little money on the best hand tools and power tools for woodworking, and if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this might be the best place for you to start your woodworking journey from.  

Our vision/ mission is to help the next generations learn all about the art of woodworking, and the beauty it creates. You never know, this could be where your passion and purpose lie!