Best Jigsaw Blade for Hardwood: 5 of Our Favorite Picks

How well your jigsaw cut through hardwood depends solely on the blades you use.

You see, while jigsaws were traditionally used for making rough cuts, albeit exclusively, today jigsaws are used for the most intricate woodworking projects, particularly the ones that call for accuracy as well as splinter-free finishes. And all these changes in use have been made possible by the cutting blades.

Even so, your jigsaw’s greatest weak point is its cutting blade. Your typical jigsaw blade ranges in size from ¼ inches in width to 1/32 inches in thickness. Looking at these dimensions, the jigsaw’s blades are not the sturdiest and this means that the steel blade could warp easily as you try to push it sideways, for that curve cut.

And with flexibility at the heart of curve cuts by the jigsaw, you need a great deal of expertise, skill, and the best blade. Don’t forget that a jigsaw only secures its blade on one side, leaving it free and to your will on its other end.

Therefore, in your search for the best jigsaw blade for cutting hardwoods, you need to take into account its size and shape, as well as its ability to reduce or be frictionless. You also need to understand the differences between the standard and the reverse-tooth jigsaw blades.The standard-tooth blade has its teeth facing a direction that allows cutting on the upstroke. This blade will cause tear-outs at the top side of the wood you’re cutting.
The reverse-tooth blade, on the other hand, has its teeth facing a different direction from the standard blade meaning that it cuts on its downstroke and you will have tears on the underside of the wood you’re cutting.

Besides the orientation of the teeth, you also need to understand the blade’s shank before you buy the blade. Even though most jigsaws are compatible with different shanks, some are compatible with either U or T shank blades.

Confused? Don’t be. The shank type simply represents how you will fasten your blade on the jigsaw. The U and the T shanks are common, but some brand of jigsaws will use specific blade shanks.

Difference between T and U Blade Shanks

T-Shank – this blade shank represents the most common type of jigsaw. Its cone-shaped end has two flanges. The T-shank blades are common since you don’t need other tools to change the blade. Changing the blades is also easy.wood vs metal jigsaw bladeU-Shank – the U-shank blade has a convex-shaped end that looks like a U. You fasten/ change this blade to your jigsaw using screws and an Allen wrench. Should you choose to settle on the U-Shank blades, you might want to select the blades with many teeth because these wear out more slowly.

Besides how they work and where they work best, jigsaw blades are also differentiated by the material used in their construction. Some of the construction materials for the blades include High Strength Steel, High Carbon Steel, High Tungsten Carbide, Carbide-tipped, and Bi-metal among others.

Reviews of the Best Jigsaw Blades for Hardwood

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1. Hitachi 725397

This Hitachi jigsaw blade might be the most expensive T-shank jigsaw blade on the market, but it’s one of the most powerful blades that will shred through hardwood, cement, or fiber with ease.

This blade boasts a remarkable level of strength, and it’s rated high for durability. Its construction out of steel and the reinforcement of the tip with carbide give this blade formidable strength. Therefore, cutting through hardwood, fiberglass, plexiglass, or even fiber cement is made easy with the blade. You might also like how its power allows you to make fast and super clean cuts using this blade.

At 4 inches in length, this blade will not only cut through thick hardwood but also plywood and other tough boards. The only catch is that this blade has six teeth per inch, which means that it cuts through hardwood better than plexiglass and cement.


  • Durable construction
  • Hard, sharp teeth mean less dust produce
  • Ease of use
  • Little effort required to keep the blade clean and straight


  • Too sturdy and tough for fine cuts or cuts through thin materials
  • It’s not great for angle cuts


2. Bosch T5002 10-Piece Assorted T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set

If there’s one thing that sets this Bosch blade set apart from others, something unique that it offers to all woodworking beginners, and experts alike, it’s got to be the versatility and its compatibility with all the major brands of jigsaws.

This 10-piece blade set is highly versatile, and the assortment fits different woodworking needs aptly. The blade set comes with different types of blades – five types to be specific and two of each. The set consists of T118A, T118B, T101B, T144D, and T119BO blades. Out of these sets of blades, there are two pairs of large-teeth blades ideal for straight cutting, four metal-cutting blades, and the last set features a wave-like set of teeth which allow you to make clean cuts with very little effort.

Two of the blades in the set are designed with high TPC and used for the curved cuts.
Despite the differences in design and use, the blades are sturdy and very reliable. And thanks to the T-shank, you can use the blades with any jigsaw brand on the market.


  • Blades of different TPIs, for different cuts, thin or thick
  • No splintering regardless of the material you’re cutting
  • Excellent blades for hardwoods
  • Plastic case ideal for keeping the blades secure.


  • The blades lose their cutting edge after some time when used on metals (thick Ferrous metals) and other hard materials


3. Bosch T30C 30-Piece T-Shank Wood and Metal Cutting Jig Saw Blade Set

This blade set is made of high-strength, high-performance scroll blades for making clean cuts on hardwood, metal, and other types of woods. Being a 30-piece blade set, this set of Bosch blades is one of the most versatile blades, and you might light it because it allows you to complete different woodworking projects with ease.
The blades in this set include blades for cutting wood – 4T119BO, 4T144D, 4T118D, and the 2, T308B X-tra Clean. For hardwoods, there’s the 4T101B, and for cutting metal, you have the 4T118B. All these blades are packed in a reusable plastic case.

Thanks to the blades’ T-shank interface, you get more power from the blades, as well as the five different points of contact. These blades are also compatible with all saws that accept T-shank blades.
The blades’ construction with High Carbon Steel made the blades highly resistant to breaking. You might also like precision engineering and their promise of superior performance.


  • Versatile blades
  • Great value for money
  • Durable construction
  • Heavy-duty plastic case keeps the blades secure
  • High-performance, high-precision design
  • Ideal for cutting hardwood, softwoods, and metals
  • Clean cuts


  • Accessing blades from the case is not very easy


4. Gunpla 15-Piece Jig Saw Blades T-Shank BladesJig Saw Blades T-Shank Blades

Gunpla might not be the first name that crosses your mind when you think about jigsaw blades, but it is one of the best brands of T-shank blades for jigsaws. This set comprises of 15 unique blades that are ideal for cutting hardwood, softwoods, as well as metals.

The blades are durable thanks to their construction out of High Carbon Steel which allows you to make very precise cuts, curved, plunge, and rapid cuts.
The teeth of the blades are well-sharpened and crafted to have an incredible cutting ability. And if you wish to cut metal too, you might like the five T118A mini-blades that will cut through aluminum, sheet metal, or any other thin metal.

The size of the blade’s shank makes it a lot easier for you to cut the different materials and you also don’t have to worry about accidents.


  • 15-blade set
  • Cuts hardwood and metals
  • Safe design
  • Durable from the High Carbon Steel Construction
  • Fast, clean cuts
  • Great value for the price
  • It makes plunge cuts too
  • It’s compatible with the major jigsaw brands


  • It melts plexiglass at high speeds


5. BLACK+DECKER 75-626 24-pack Jigsaw Blades SetAssorted Jigsaw Blades Set,

If you’re looking for the best wood-cutting blades, specifically blades that will cut through hardwood with ease, then you should consider this set for your woodworking projects. This set of blades features the best of scrolling blades for making intricate cuts into the wood. It also has blades for cutting through aluminum, as well as non-ferrous metals.

Keep in mind that this is a U-shank blade. You might also like this blade set because it’s inexpensive and ideal for woodworking.
The set of blades also features blades differentiated by their cutting styles – some are ideal for straight cuts, and others are ideal for curved cuts. The blades’ TPI ranges from 6-24.

If you wish to make smooth and precise cuts on medium-sized aluminum pieces, opt for the blades with a higher TPI. The blades with their pointed teeth placed 6 TI are ideal for smooth, clean, and precise cuts on the hardwood. And the blades with many tiny teeth are ideal for the smooth and narrow cuts needed for materials like laminates.


  • Thin scrolling blade for curves and angles
  • All blades are labeled with their TPI numbers and their intended use or material
  • Blades are great for hardwoods, as well as plywood
  • The blades also cut through plastic, besides wood and metal


  • The blades might bend if you saw too fast
  • Some of the blades are too short and unable to cut through materials bigger than 1 ½ inches.



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