5 Best Rolling Miter Saw Stand Reviewed

You might not think much about the need for a miter saw stand, but you need it. A miter saw stand supports the weight of your miter saw and the material you’re cutting, which means that your rolling miter saw stand must be sturdy, easy to use, and most importantly, portable on different terrains.portable saw standsLike anyone else getting into woodworking, especially guys getting into woodworking for fun, you might argue that a miter saw is all you need to get started with woodworking. In any case, the miter saw’s design is specific for the making of accurate miter cuts, efficiently and fast. But like the rest of us realized cutting on and off the miter saw stand, the stand is the most important tool when it comes to the use of a miter saw.portable miter saw standsNote, however, that out of the different types of miter saw stands, the rolling miter saw stand is the most recommended. Unlike the other types of stands (folding, basic/ traditional and tabletop stand), the rolling miter saw stand feature a pair of wheels which enhance the portability of the stand. The rolling stand also features a base to which the miter saw is affixed, telescoping supports and foldable legs. One side of this stand features a wide foot while the other side has two locked wheels which could be rolled when necessary.

Thanks to the wheeled design of the rolling miter saw stand the stand is one of the most portable on the market. The high level of portability makes the rolling stand the most popular type of miter saw stand.

Top 5 Rolling Miter Saw Stands

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1. Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw StandWheeled Miter Saw Stand

Top on our list of the best rolling stands for miter saws is this Bosch T4B Miter Saw Stand. While Bosch is a standout name when it comes to power tools and their accessories, the reason why we’ve ranked this stand as the best in this category has more to do with the stand’s features and function than its brand name. Bosch has outdone itself with this saw stand that comes with impressive and highly functional features.

This stand is ideal for both professionals and amateurs looking to advance their woodworking careers and skills.
One of the standout features of this stand is its advanced construction design, as well as the good number of features that enhance the function of the stand. For starters, there’s the Gravity-Rise function, a patented design that uses the gravity-rise system for fast break down and setting up of the stand.

The mechanism of action of this system is quite simple – you need to turn the release lever the put a little pressure on the lever as you press it downward. When you do this, the weight and the balance of the saw will cause the rising of the stand and your saw, locking the stand into the desired position. Once you’re done working, you’ll need to turn the urn the lever. Turning the lever folds the saw and your miter stand, allowing you to roll the stand to your car or your next destination.

In addition to the patented gravity-rise system that enhances , set up and then folding of the stand, this stand also boasts a durable design. This durability is a result of the stand’s construction with powder-coated, tubular steel.

Then, we have the feature that gives the saw’s stand its name: the pneumatic wheels. By using pneumatic wheels instead of ordinary wheels, you can use and transport this stand on tough terrains with considerable ease.

Then there’s the use of rubber on the feet. The rubberized leveling feet are adjustable and they’ve been designed to provide an exceptional level of stability, especially when you use the stand on uneven terrain. As a result, the use of this stand enhances the efficacy of your work and the accuracy of your cuts. So, if you are cutting long pieces of wood or any other materials, this stand will make the work easier for you.

You might also like the repetitive stops which are easily adjustable, allowing you to use the saw for different materials and applications.
On top of the pneumatic wheels, this miter saw stand further sports a remarkable eight bearing capacity.

Its capacity is higher than what you’d get from other portable models of the miter saw stands on the market. The only downside of this rolling miter stand has to be the weight. At the weight of 76lbs, you might need a helping hand to unload the saw stand from your van/truck and even to load it back up.


  •  Assembly takes relatively less time
  •  It’s easy to use
  •  It has a 300lbs load-bearing capacity
  •  You can use it to cut up to 18-inch materials
  •  Durable and sturdy tubular, powder-coated frame
  •  The pneumatic wheels enhance its stability and use on uneven terrains
  •  Its rapid-release tools simplify the stand’s assembly


  •  It’s bulky, albeit reasonably
  •  It’s expensive


2. DEWALT DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw StandRolling Miter Saw Stand

The functionality and the shelf-life of your miter saw are as important as the quality of the miter saw stand you use. So, without the best miter saw stand, buying the best-quality miter saw might as well be a waste of money. Investment in a miter saw stand like this DEWALT DWX726 might, therefore, be the best way for you to get value for your money.

This miter saw stand one of the best rolling miter saw stands, and it boasts a good number of features to show this.
Right off the bat is its top-quality craftsmanship which gives this stand a long shelf-life. The stand boasts a premium-quality tubular steel construction with a thick powder coating. The yellow powder coating gives the stand its characteristic/ signature color profile, and it also ensures that the stand withstands anything thrown its way. The material support also boasts a high-quality design.

This stand also flaunts large, high-quality wheels which enhance the stability of the miter saw stand and also boost the stand’s portability and versatility.
The other impressive feature of this stand has got to be its space-saving design – the stand folds down to a width of 59 ½ inches by 17inches (height). Therefore, when the saw is not in use, storage space will not be a problem whether in your truck or the garage. When unfolded, the stand reaches 32 ½ inches in height and 98 inches in width.

The stand is easy to set up and use. To unfold it, you have the pneumatically-assisted system which simplifies the raising/ lowering action. Thanks to this pneumatic operation of the stand, you can adjust the stand to three different heights to match your comfortable working height. The best bit is that you can adjust the stand singlehandedly.

The other adjustable feature of this miter stand is its infeed and outfeed systems which allow you to dial in the support you need, depending on what you’re working on;


  •  Easy, foldable design
  •  Durable and sturdy construction
  • Versatile design
  • It takes up little storage space
  • It has three adjustable height positions
  • It’s compatible to just about any miter saw


  •  Its maximum weight-bearing capacity could be higher
  •  Assembly takes a little more time than you’d imagine


3. Powertec MT4000 Miter Saw StandMiter Saw Stand

If you’re looking for an innovatively designed mobile/ rolling miter saw stand that will save you money, but works as best as the some of the higher-priced miter saw stands, you might want to try this Powertec MT4000 stand.

This Powertec stand has been innovatively constructed with the highest quality rubber steel tubing. Thanks to this design, the saw stand will last long, giving you value for your money. The construction of this saw stand is the reason for its high weight-bearing capacity of 330lbs.

For portability and for this stand to fall into the rolling miter saw stand category, the stand must have wheels. This stand fits the rolling stand category well with its 8-inch wide wheels made of rubber. These wheels enhance the portability of the stand on different terrains.

The other impressive feature of this rolling stand is its versatility brought about by its folding design. Besides rolling, you can fold this stand with ease thanks to the spring-loaded locking system for the legs. The spring-loaded system ensures fast set-up and a safe, fast break down. There also are mounting brackets which ensure quick and secure mounting of the miter saw.

You might like that this stand will accommodate the 10-inch and the 12-inch miter saws, or the fact that its support arms will extend to the 79.25 inches and then retract to 46 inches. It comes with two 11.5-inch steel rollers which promise a smoother feed when cutting.


  •  It fits 10” and 12” miter saws effortlessly
  •  Sturdy, long-lasting design
  • The spring-loaded system enhances its stability and the ease of use
  • The rollers are sturdy and easily adjusted
  • Great lumber support for the legs
  •  Affordable
  • Sturdy and stable wheels
  • Great feed systems
  • Supports up to 330lbs of weight


  •  The mounts might slope backward or misalign
  •  The legs will fold up from the side of the handles first instead of the side of the wheels


4. ToughBuilt TB-S550 124” Miter Saw Stand

Miter Saw Stand

When shopping for a miter saw stand, one of the most important considerations you should have is whether the stand will hold the weight of the miter saw and the materials you will be cutting with ease, and without putting your life/ health at risk. The stand must be sturdy, stable, and it must come with features to secure the stand in place.

This ToughBuilt miter saw stand is one such stand, and it offers all the benefits of a great stand, albeit at a lower price. The stand lives up to its name as a tough woodworking tool. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids too much, as long as you’ve set up the stand as directed.

This stand boasts a number of high-functioning features, and you might like the fact that besides having 4 unique material supports and extending to 124 inches, this stand is universally compatible with most (if not) all brand of miter saws on the market.

It also features quick-release tool mounts that make it possible for the use of the stand with a saw on a level base. Its tools’ mount twist locks are not only rugged but also easy to use. And with the pegs for the material support, you can use the stand safely off the ground.
As a rolling saw, it features wide and rugged 8.3-inch rubber tires that will roll over smooth and rough terrains effortlessly. The wheels and the heavy-duty construction of the stand with steel enhance the stability of this stand.


  •  Great safety features
  • Universal compatibility with miter saws
  • Easy to use and setup
  • The rugged wheels enhance stability and allow the use of the stand on uneven terrains
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting steel construction


  • A bit bulky
  • No specifics about the maximum weight-bearing capacity of the saw


5. DeWALT DW7440RS Rolling Saw StandRolling Saw Stand

Last on our list of the best rolling miter saws is this DW7440RS; a lightweight saw stand that weighs on 33lbs but has a lot more power than most of the miter saw stands on the market.

The stand is a heavy-duty power tools accessory which not only balances well but is also highly portable. It features wide wheels for the stability of the miter saw. Stability is further enhanced by the stand’s wide base and its offset rear legs. These features also provide support for the stand’s material feeding system/ control.
The stand’s quick-connect brackets will attach to your saw with ease, and also simplify the loading and unloading of the saw and the stand before and after work. The quick-release levers on the folding legs collapse easily under your stand, making the stand easier to transport.

You might also like the stand’s guarding system at the top of the stand. The guarding system is not just easy to set up, but it also allows for the tool-free adjustment of the components of the stand. The table surface is frictionless thanks the coating on the material.


  • Maximum weight of 200lbs
  • Ease of use
  • Wide, stable wheels for the use of the stand on uneven terrain
  • Durable, and lightweight aluminum construction
  • Retractable folding legs enhance the portability of the stand
  • Rubber feet prevent sliding
  • Heavy-duty and reliable kickstand


  •  Low weight capacity
  • The bolt receptacles are imperfect
  • The height of the stand is a bit too low for tall guys


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