5 Best Table Saws for Woodworking Reviewed

Are you a dad who considers DIY projects their alter-ego? Do you relish the moments that lead to the creation of masterpieces? Do your creative pieces inspire you every day to make woodworking your side hustle? Do you need a powerful and more efficient woodworking power tool to take your hobby to the next level?table saw with cabinetsWell, what you need is an excellent table saw designed specifically for woodworking. A circular saw might be an excellent tool a few weeks into woodworking, but the cuts grow painstaking as you get into your groove. Your best option, buy one of the best table saws for woodworking.

What is a table saw?

A table saw is a crucial woodworking tool made of a saw blade that’s mounted on an arbor and the driven by a powerful electric motor directly by means of a belt or indirectly by gears. The blade of a table saw protrudes through the table’s surface. The table supports the wood when you’re cutting it. The only catch is that the design of the table saw makes it suitable for use only in the workshop or your designated working area. It is considerably larger than the circular saw, or the compound miter saw meaning that it’s less portable.modern table sawIf you’re new to table saws, you should know that the cut’s depth varies as the blade moves up and down. So, if the blade protrudes high above your table, it will result in deeper cuts in the material. And the angle of the cuts is controlled by the adjustment of the blade angles.

Thanks to the design of the table saw it’s ideal for ripping apart large wood pieces quickly. Therefore, if you’re dealing with large pieces of wood, you should invest in the best table saw rathe that the band or the scroll saw ideal for smaller and more detailed cutting.

A table saw is, therefore, great if your project requires quality and quantity.
So, if you’re only thinking of buying saw for small woodworks, then a smaller circular saw will do just fine.
Now that you know what a table saw is, let’s go shopping.What do you need to look out for in a woodworking table saw?

As with everything else, tools especially, it’s quite easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed with the colossal varieties on the market. There are variations on size, colors, features, weights, and you also have to answer the questions why, where, what, when, how, and who, among others. Just thinking about all these options leaves me in a tailspin. And I understand too well how hard it can be to choose a table saw over. So, we’re working on simplifying this for you with this comprehensive review.

Our  Best Table Saws for Wood Working

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1. DEWALT 7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw10-inch table saw

Let’s face it: DeWALT is one of the most popular brands of saws and power tools, and it’s been historically labeled the most reliable power tools brand. And DeWALT doesn’t seem to be slowing down; if anything, it’s getting better and its customers ever satisfied. This DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw is a top-rated table; it’s nothing short of outstanding.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out its features outlined below:
This table saw is not only beautifully designed but also precisely designed for top function.


At first glance, you might disregard this saw because its deck appears to be made out of plastic; you cannot entrust your money to a power tool made of plastic. However, on a closer look, the saw’s deck is sturdily constructed out of an aluminum composite material.
Although some of the other parts of this table saw are made of plastic, you’ll be delighted to know that the plastic material used is quite durable, and it shouldn’t be a cause for alarm.

One of the plastic elements in this DeWALT 7491RS is its miter gauge. Though it works, you might have to deal with some accuracy issues. So, an OEM gauge could be a smart move, especially if you use the gauge frequently. The plastic miter gauge will suffice if you’re into DIY projects only.

The rolling stand for this table saw is designed for easy storage and portability, but this doesn’t mean that you should expect a flimsy table. The table’s stand is made of aluminum which boasts a lightweight, but durable design. At 33lbs, this stand holds a maximum of 200lbs. Even so, please don’t support yourself on this table saw.


This table saw is also my favorite thanks to its design features. For example, it comes with quick release levers which will allow you to fold up the table when you’re done working. And with its big wheels, you can roll the table over any surface easily. The big wheels are also important because they give the table saw an extra layer of stability.

The saw’s usability is further enhanced by features like the rubberized wheels which prevent sliding, the table’s height that enhances comfort when in use, and its handles that enhance comfort during transportation.


A table saw, and any other saw is useless without a blade which why this DeWALT 7491RS comes with a high-quality 24-tooth blade. This blade works beautifully even with the roughest applications.

Note: when it comes to saw blades, you need to make sure that you pick the right blade for the power and the style of the saw. Otherwise, your work will not be as clean as you’d like.

To this end, users of this saw note that the 50-tooth carbide blade works very well with this table saw. And the best part is that this 50-tooth blade will work with just about everything from cabinets to wood floors. The 50-tooth blade also works better than the 40-tooth blade as it leaves you with smoother cuts, fast.


As mentioned above, you get a table saw when you need a saw to rip through wood lumber-style. The reasons why the table saw is ideal for the cross cuts comes from the fact that the other saws are not as powerful.

For example, a jigsaw is ideal for intricate and curving cuts, the miter saw makes excellent angled-crosscuts, and the circular saw is great for single cuts and the initial cuts to plywood sheets. The heavy cutting work is left to the table saw.

Besides being an actual power tool, the table saw comes with a slide-out extension on the tabletop, and this enhances ease of work. Since it folds up easily, it doesn’t take up too much storage space.

The other impressive feature of this table saw is the rack and pinion system which places the table saw in its own class. All the other models and types of portable table saws lack this feature. In case you’re wondering, the rack-and-pinion system represents a precise sawing system that allows you to rip dead even on 1/16 of an inch or even less. This table saw also boasts the largest and an unmatched rip capacity of the 32 ½ inches.

One caveat though: as a portable table saw, it’s not broad enough to handle the cutting of full sheets of plywood.


It’s a 15-amp table saw operated on the 20-amp circuit. Although you could operate it on a 15-amp circuit, doing this creates the risk of a tripped breaker, especially when sawing through hard materials or if the power is drawn elsewhere. It has a load speed of 4800RPM.


Whenever you are shopping for a table saw, be sure to check its safety features. This DeWALT 7491RS did not disappoint with its on/off switch that features a lockout function, as well as a blade guard.
Unlike other saws which come with blade guards that are a pain to work with, the blade guard in this table saw, and the riving knife is easy to install and use.

Nit Picking

The table saw doesn’t come with a dado plate, but you can use a dado blade with it.


  •  Powerful table saw with a high sawing speed of 4800RPM.
  •  Sturdy aluminum deck
  • Easy to use
  • Blade guard and on/off lockout for safety
  • 200lbs weight capacity
  • High rip capacity (32 ½)
  • It allows nit picking
  • Great for heavy woodworking
  • High-quality 24-tooth blade replaceable with other blades


  • It cannot hold full plywood sheets
  • No dado blades


2. SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10″ Portable Table SawPortable Worm Drive Table Saw

If you’re looking for the best worm drive table saw, a beast that will not quit or get stuck, tearing through rough and hard cuts just like butter, you might want to try this SKILSAW SPT70WT-01.

This table saw is the first-ever worm drive table saw that is brass-geared to provide the maximum amount of torque and power. Despite its power, this table is relatively affordable, and its quality is as high and dependable as what you get from the high-priced brands.
The features of this SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 include:

Design and Materials

This table saw is an all-steel roll cage made of die-cast aluminum at the top. The all-metal construction is durable, and it gives the table saw its ruggedness.

Rip Capacity

This table saw boasts a 25-inch rip capacity, and this gives the saw the power to handle full sheets of plywood. This capacity also comes from the saw’s depth of cut of 3 ½, which makes cutting materials 4X its size effortless.

Its rip fence has a self-aligning design along with a cinch for adjustment. Its bevel adjusts seamlessly from -1 degree to 46 degrees.
Thanks to the table saw’s rip capacity, this SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 is making waves in the world of worm drive circular saws and now the table saws.

Power and Function

Besides the features above, this table saw is easy to use and move around thanks to its weight of 49lbs.
It has a 15-amp dual field brass-geared motor.


  •  Easy to use/ adjust
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • Rugged and robust design
  • High rip capacity
  • Affordable
  • No vibration and it’s not loud
  • You can use it to cut full plywood sheets


  • The miter gauge doesn’t work too well
  • It doesn’t come with a stand


3. Makita 2705X1 10-inch Contractor Table Saw with Stand

Contractor Table Saw

Makita is yet another big brand in the world of saws. It’s known for its reliability in function, as well as the fact that this saw makes woodworking a walk in the park, shredding rough and hard woodcuts like butter.

It is, however, more expensive than the other table saws on the market, even more, expensive than the DeWALT models of table saws,
But you shouldn’t let the price stop you from investing in this power tool. As a dad, you must understand the value of quality, and in most (if not all) cases, it’s a smart move to invest in an expensive than a cheap item. As they say, cheap is expensive, and this table saw tells all about this story, given its power and remarkable durability.

If you’re wondering, why Makita? Makita is a renowned Japanese-owned company with factories all around the world. And this Makita 2705X1 is made using parts from Australia and assembled in the US. But its stand’s made in China. This is worth mentioning since we have different opinions about Chinese-made machinery and power tools. In this case, we’re concerned with oversight (little of it) and the fact that some of the parts making up this table saw may be of low quality. This might be a deal-breaker for you.


This Makita table saw boasts four adjustment heights. With the adjustable heights, you can roll this table saw into your truck up to its tailgate then push the stand’s edge, lift and slide the saw right in. If you have a table weighing 194lsbs, the saw’s adjustability is an excellent feature.

Hefty Design

One of the impressive features of this Makita 2705X1 table saw is its weight. While this weight curtails its portability, it brings in an excellent woodworking possibility if you’re growing your woodworking into a larger operation. Who knows, your passion in woodworking could make you the next-best woodworker, and this table saw should be by your side.

Thanks to the weight of this table saw this power tool will take up quite the beating. It boasts solid construction.
That said, keep in mind that this table saw might not be ideal for you if you struggle with back problems or if you’re not as strong as the machine demands.


You might also like this table saw if you wish to make smooth cuts on wide materials. Its rip fence works fine.
Besides the rip fence, the other feature that enhances the table saw’s functionality is its power. This table saw is one of the most powerful tables saw that rips through 4x4s in a single pass. This power comes from its powerful motor that generates more power than the SKILs and DeWALTs; it generates power that is about 1,000 RPMs higher than the other brands.

You might also like this table saw for its adjustable lateral blades, as well as the adjustable riving knife.
Some of the safety features of this table saw include the quick-release safety function, and the blade guard boasting some powerful anti-kickback paws. There’s also the riving knife provides for binding and pinching free projects.

On top of these safety features, there’s also the electric brake. This is a fundamental safety feature – should a piece of wood get away from your reach, you can stop the blades in seconds thanks to this electric brake.

The last safety feature of this Makita 2705X1is the switch. This switch is big enough such that in the worst of cases, you can shut off the saw with your knee if your hands are engaged. We have an uncanny ability to hurt ourselves, but this table saw’s safety features prevent that from happening.

Nit Picking

This table saw also allows nit picking. But there’s one challenge you have to deal with/overcome – its throat plate is rather annoying to deal with, and it’s also quite heavy.


  •  Ithas a powerful 15.0AMP motor
  •  Its tool-less modular blade is easy to use
  • Its height is easily adjustable.
  • It features a number of reliable safety features – electric brake, switch, and quick release
  • It allows nit picking
  • It’s stable
  • The rip fence is neat
  • Cuts wide and large pieces of wood
  • The quick-release lever allows easy riving for non-through, through, as well as dado cuts


  •  The wheels could be wider
  • It’s substantially heavy and not ideal for light or occasional woodworking
  • The throat plate is not easy to use


4. DEWALT DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand with DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw

Compact Job-Site Table Saw

As mentioned above, DeWALT is a renowned brand when it comes to table saws and other power tools. This DEWALT DW7440RS is one of the other remarkable table saws, and you might like it if you need a lightweight table saw for woodworking at home.
Its features include:


This table saw is ultralightweight as it weighs a mere 33lbs. This means that it’s one of the lightest and the most portable table saws on the market. This saw weighs 20% less than other models in the same category. Its weight, along with its optimized design footprint, make this table saw highly portable.
Despite its lightweight design, this table saw has a heavy-duty design seen in its kickstand. This design allows you to balance the saw in an upright position for ease of storage or transportation.

Speaking of portability, this table saw also boasts a telescoping fence rail which retracts easily, turning your table saw into a small package that’s easy to move around.


The saw features quick-connect stand brackets. The brackets attach to the saw allowing for fast detachment of the saw from its stand when loading or unloading.
The other reason for the table saw’s high function is its powerful motor. This table saw comes with a powerful 1850-watt motor hence its high performance. Its maximum rip towards the blade’s left is 12inche while the maximum to the blade’s right is 20inches.

Regarding safety during operation, this table saw features a steel roll cage which will protect your saw from impacts and drops at the job site. The other safety feature of this table saw is its overload protection system which is designed specifically to ensure that the saw’s unyielding performance is not compromised even in wet, frozen, and hard woods.

The blade is easily adjusted from 0-45 degrees in different bevel applications.

Accuracy features

One of the impressive design features of this table saw is its cast tabletop, which is stealthily designed to enhance the accuracy and the precision of cuts. In addition to the tabletop, there’s the quick-bevel lock, which makes it easy for you to make easy and accurate adjustments and cuts if you have a lot of work.
It also comes with a rack-and-pinion fence system with rear and front fence locks, as well as large and very clear scales. Working together, all these features leave you with an easy to use saw with a high degree of accuracy. The fence system offers a rip capacity of 610mm, and this allows you to cut through large sheets.


  • The metal roll cage offers an extra level of durability
  • It has an adjustable blade
  • It’s lightweight and easy to transport or store
  • It comes with a great and conveniently designed safety feature like the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System that allows fast and easy setup
  • Powerful motor
  • High rip capacity
  • Very stable
  • Once the brackets are mounted, transferring the saw to a bench is a breeze
  • Rubber cushions prevent sliding


  • It’s expensive
  • The gravity rise system makes it harder to use
  • The cost of the replacement parts is astronomical
  • The few plastic parts create weak links


5. SKIL 3410-02 120-Volt 10-inch Table Saw

able Saw with Folding StandIf you’re looking for the best table saw while working on a tight budget, you might want to consider this SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw. Its affordability makes this table saw every dad’s weekend buddy.
Note, however, that the affordability of this table saw means that you would not get everything you find in the high-priced table saws.

Features of the SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw

The design of this 20x26inch cast aluminum table saw is unique, and it enhances the functionality of the piece. If you’re working on longer pieces of wood, you get to extend the table to 20x32inches. You might also like the fact that this table saw is ideally designed to allow you to cut through 4×4 materials with ease.
This table saw features neat fence and deck systems.

These have their measurements marked clearly, meaning that you don’t have to worry about inaccurate cuts. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner in woodworking, this table saw will ensure that you have perfect cuts. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for the best woodworking power tool for your DIY projects in this newfound hobby, you might want to start with this table saw as you get the hang of things.

This table saw is also impressive as it can cut through large pieces of wood. This function comes from the saw’s handle which will lock in the rip fence thanks to its curvature which protrudes far beyond the saw’s fence. In essence, the handle and the fence design allow you to add about ¼ inches to anything you’re cutting.
But as you know, all the features above will not matter if the table saw lacks the power to get the work done. And even with a low-budget power tool, you need to make sure that the tool has adequate power.

This table saw does not disappoint, and it gives you value for your money with its 15AMP motor.
You might also like this table saw for its durable, heavy-duty design which allows for fast setting up and quick transportation. Since the stand folds, you can mount and unmount this saw with ease.


  • It has a bevel angle range of between 0 degrees and 47 degrees.
  • It features the EZ View system of measurement, which is essential for accuracy and the rip fence’s self-alignment.
  • It allows for dado cuts
  • Large rip capacity for the price
  • Sturdy and stable stand
  • Foldable stand
  • High-quality motor


  • The blade guard is not easy to use
  • Adjusting the fence is frustrating



Purchasing a table saw is one of the best investments you will ever make if you are into woodworking. But finding the best table saw for woodworking might not be as easy since you need to consider a number of factors including the power tool’s flexibility and whether it fits your budget or not.

To buy the best table saw that matches your needs, take into account how much work you have and how often you’ll use the power tool. If you intend to work a lot, then consider a heavier model. However, you shouldn’t choose an item that breaks your budget. Look at the features, function, and the limitations of a table saw before you buy one.

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