Tile Saws Reviews: A Look at 6 of the Best

Tile saws, also called ceramic tile cutters refer to electric cutters, which as the name suggests, cut through ceramic, porcelain, marble, glass, as well as granite tiles. These tile saws work best when a diamond blade does the cutting, and water used as a cutting coolant.

the best tile saws

If you’re a new or an old dad working on some renovations at home, your bathrooms and kitchen tiles would look great if you invested in one of the best tile saws.
But which is the best tile saw for you? With tens of tile saw models on the market, all available in different forms and sizes, which tile saw should you buy?

Do you need a tile saw to handle a big job or a light tile fixing job? A large job would be seamless with a tile saw whose set up mimics that of a table saw or even the compound miter saw. In either case, the saw’s configuration is critical as it determines whether you make fast straight cuts, fast and consistently or not. A light/ smaller job would require a small handheld tile saw, one that looks and works the same way as a circular saw, but using a regulator and a water line.

the best tile saws

You need to choose the right tile aw when you intend on cutting tile because no other tile will get the work done unless you’re making a tiny cut.
The reason for the saw specificity? Cutting a tile is more of a grinding job rather than a cutting job. The tile saw gets the job done easily because its blade’s edge is rather blunt compared to the blade of a table or a circular saw used to cut wood or metal.

The edge of your tile saw’s blade has a coating of diamonds, and this edge is powerful enough to grind the tile.

Qualities of tile saws

tile saws

Despite the blade’s construction, tile saws have a unique feature, something that sets apart the tile saw from other saws.
For starters, the tile saw utilizes water as a coolant during grinding. Water is used and not any other coolant because water will prevent the tile from cracking or breaking under all the heat from the grinding friction. As a result, the tile saw is also referred to as a wet saw.

Other than the protection from cracking, the wet saw is also essential because water will capture much of the dust generated from cutting. So, if you’ve been wondering why you could not use your cutting saws on your tiles, now you know.
Unless tile work is really very small, you must invest in the best tile saw.
Before we look at the best tile saws you could consider, here is a brief overview of tile cutting.

How is tile cut?

1. Overspray

how to cut ceramic

Cutting tile is more of an art. And the process is not easy. Using a tile saw is a messy affair. Even though much of the dust will be captured by water, you’ll still need to deal with a lot of overspray behind your saw. Therefore, you should consider placing a piece of plastic or a tarp behind your saw for the capture of the overspray.

2. Water Flow

You need to allow the water to flow before you start cutting. So, you should wait until water moves over your diamond blades before you begin cutting. Failure to do this increases the risk of cracked or broken tiles. The friction from cutting causes an extreme buildup of heat, fast.

3. Watch the Feed Rate

When using a tile saw, you must keep a hand on your tile to prevent it from moving. The feed rate is slow if the material being cut is hard. This means that cutting through slate is easier than cutting through porcelain and you need to feed the porcelain tile into the blade at a slower rate than you would slate.
Finally, keep in mind that you need to use the angled-cut method when cutting around awkward corners or rounded edges.

Reviews of the Best Tile Saws

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1. DEWALT D24000 1.5-Horsepower 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw

wet tile sawIf you’re looking for the best tile saw, it means that you’re looking for power. This DeWALT tile saw doesn’t disappoint. With a 1.5 Horsepower, this DEWALT D24000 is quite powerful and its lives up to your expectations.

With all its power, this tile saw is one of the best tiles saw for serious DIY’ers and contractors with a deep love for tile modeling.
Ordinarily, cutting through tile is tough and almost impossible, especially if you don’t have the right tools. But with this 1.5hp tile saw, its motor will grind through the tile, making clean and accurate cuts on stone and porcelain. The cutting efficiency is further enhanced by the 10-inch diamond blade.

The other impressive power feature of this saw is its 3 1/8-inch cuts (depth). This depth of cuts allows you to cut through pavers and V-cap tiles.
It also boasts a versatile plunge feature that allows the creation of plunge cuts, an important feature when shaping tile pieces to accommodate plumbing lines or electrical outlets.

Besides its power, this DEWALT D24000 tile saw is also an excellent investment thanks to its robust stainless steel rail system that’s integrated into the frame of the saw. This integration also allows for excellent and accurate cuts, as well as a remarkable level of durability.
This tile saw also features a cantilevering design which gives the saw a 24-inch rip capacity. At this capacity, you can look forward to precise diagonal cuts when you’re dealing with tiles 18inches thick.

Its integrated meter that built into the frame of the saw provides stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees. There’s also the edge guide which allows for easy corner cuts.
It’s also easy to use. Weighing a mere 69lbs and boasting a compact 34x26inch frame, this tile saw is quite easy to transport and store. Cleaning is simplified by its removable cutting cart.

Its dual water nozzles are adjustable to minimize overspray


  • Powerful 1.5 horsepower motor
  • Its rubber top prevents slipping and sliding
  • It’s portable
  • Compact and durable design
  • Easy setup of the 5-gallon pan and the dual water nozzles
  • The integrated rail guide and rail system enhance the accuracy of the saw
  • It’s versatile


  • It’s expensive


2. SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

wet tile saw

On the other side of the divide is this budget-friendly, but highly reliable SKIL 3550-02. And given its price and the functionality, this might be your best tile saw if you are renovating, adding or updating your bathroom or kitchen tiles. In case you’re wondering why the tile saw is cheaper than most other high-performance tile saws on the market, Skil power tools are all made by Bosch – they are the economical version of the Bosch power tools.

The unique feature of this tile saw is its innovative HydroLock System. This feature prevents water splashing, and even if there’s splashing, it’s the minimum amount of splashing. Therefore, you can use this saw in the room that you’re installing the tiles. What this means is that you also save time because you don’t have to move back and forth between the bathroom and the garage or the outdoor shade.
Its 7-inch blade is a powerful and a continuous rim diamond blade which promises efficiency and evenness of cuts. This blade spins at a maximum speed of 3600 RPM.

To ensure that you get value for your money, this tile saw is made with high-quality and long-lasting rust-resistant aluminum for its tabletop, as well as its sliding slide extension. The extension supports tiles of up to 18×18 inches.
The accuracy of your tile cuts is enhanced by the adjustable rip fence that comes with a meter gauge.


  • Great quality
  • Powerful motor and blades
  • Affordable and ideal for small DIY projects
  • It comes with a blade
  • Its blade guard is reliable, and its rubber seal keeps off the water when you’re not using the saw on tiles
  • Strong plastic body
  • A rust-free aluminum tabletop that lasts long
  • Easy to use and clean


  • The switch a bit hard to turn on/off
  • You might want to buy an additional blade at some point


3. Lackmond Beast 7-Inch Tile Saw

wet tile saws

Would you like a tile saw capable of performing precise diagonal cuts on large 18×18 inch tiles? A tile saw that can give you a 24-inch rip cut in seconds? Perhaps you might want to try this Lackmond Beast 7-Inch Tile Saw. As the name suggests, this table saw is an actual beast, and it will cut through tiles with ease.

This beast of a tile saw is made with a sturdy and durable steel pipe frame that will withstand the toughest conditions. This tile saw comes equipped with a high-performance 13AMP motor (direct drive) which rotates fast and with ease to give you accurate bevel cuts at varying angles of 22.5 and 45 degrees.

It also has a plunge cut function which allows for easy execution of V-cuts. If you need to make an allowance for electrical conduits, wall sockets, or piping through the tile, the plunge cut feature will ensure that you have those cuts with ease.
As a wet tile saw, it comes with an innovative snake pipe water nozzle that enhances your water control precision and placement. At the same time, this water feature reduces overspray significantly.
With the placement of the dual water system, you will have complete control over the volume and the placement of water that hits the blade. This system is easy to use since it’s mounted externally. This design also allows for easy water replacement should the hose get clogged.

This tile saw comes with a side table, trays, and a scissor stand, as well as a blade. The 7-inch wet cutting blade is a continuous rim blade that’s made of a 5/8-inch arbor specific for use in cutting ceramic tiles. This continuous rim allows for chip-free cutting on all tiles. The blade boasts a great level of performance thanks to the diamond matrix, and it also lasts a long time. Note that this tile saw comes with a BP Series blade and you might want to buy a Lockmond blade that offers all the features above. The BP Blade Series is ideal for cutting granite, marble, porcelain, as well as ceramic tiles. Its reinforcement with steel ensures straight cuts and little noise.


  • It’s powerful
  • It has a plunge cut feature for V cuts
  • A great water control system
  • It’s easy to use
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • It allows for accurate bevel cuts
  • Extendable table for cutting bigger tiles
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the front access to the water spray
  • It comes with a black splash tray and a blade splash guard to keep the work area dry
  • The pump life is extended by the divider in the water tray
  • Robust rip fence
  • The motor tilts for bevel cuts at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees.
  • Steel construction of the frame boosts the longevity of the saw.
  • Rubberized top prevents the tiles from falling.


  • The guide bar might have gouges on it


4. SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

7 inch saw

As mentioned above, SKIL is a line of power tools designed by Bosch. The SKIL power tools fall in the economy class, but this doesn’t mean that they are of poor quality. One of the SKIL power tools is this SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw. It’s one of the best wet tile saws on the market, but its most impressive feature is the fact that it’s cheaper than the SKIL 3550-02, and it offers all the goodness offered by the 3550-02.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a high-quality tile saw that would not break your budget, a good tile saw that would help you get through your tiling renovation works with ease, you might want to consider this tile saw.

Some of the impressive features of this 7-inch SKIL 3540-02 include:
Stainless steel top: The corrosion-resistant top made of stainless steel. This tabletop is durable, and it supports 12×12-inch tiles seamlessly.
This tile saw also boasts an adjustable rip fence that’s fitted with a miter gauge to ensure the accuracy of your cuts. This saw has tile bevel cuts adjustable from 0 degrees to 45 degrees for versatility in cut styles. You can use this saw to cut through stone or masonry.

The blade’s cooling water reservoir is reliable, and it’s effective in the reduction of debris and dust overspray. The water reservoir also prevents overheating or the blades while reducing the risk of cracking in the tiles.
This tile saw boasts a cross cut capacity of 7.75 inches and a diagonal cut capacity of 7.25 inches.


  • Powerful 7-inch blade
  • Easy to use and adjustable rip fence
  • Powerful motor
  • Reliable water reservoir to cool the blade
  • Super affordable and ideal for small DIY jobs
  • Great for cutting stones and tile


  • It’s not ideal for larger jobs
  • You cannot use it on larger tiles, for example, the 18×18-inch tiles


5. QEP 83200 24-inch Bridge Tile Cutter

Bridge Saw

The other powerful tile saw you might want to buy for your remodeling works in the kitchen or the bathroom is this QEP 83200 Tile Cutter. It has a host of features, and this could be the best investment you make this year.

This QEP tile cutter features one rather interesting feature, the laser guiding system. By now, you know that most of the heavy-duty tile cutters user simple guides but with how things are changing, more and more powerful power tools are now incorporating laser-guided technologies. This tile cutter is one such power tool. Thanks to its laser guide function, this tile cutter promises cuts with an extra level of precision.

The laser light gives you a definite cutting line, and if you’re new to tile cutting and tile cutting saws, this saw will guide you in the right direction. Even as a newbie, you can deliver high-quality work.

The other impressive feature of this tile cutter is its 1.5 horsepower from the 3550RPM motor. This power is comparable to what you get when using top-tier saws like the ones from DeWALT. And thanks to all this power, the saw powers the 8-inch diamond blade (continuous rim) with ease making tile cuts fast and effortless. Along with the power, you have the adjustable tilting head of the saw which gives you extra easy miter cuts at 45-degree and 90-degree angles. Thanks to this adjustability, you have in your hands one of the most versatile power tools.

This QEP tile cutter sports an enclosed and reliable dual water spray system that uses a pump. Thanks to the pump and the dual spray system, water is distributed evenly around the blade rather than your working environment. The water tray is impregnable, rust-proof, and durable thanks to its fiberglass construction. These design features also make cleaning a breeze.
You might also like this tile saw because of its rear locking wheels that enhance the saw’s stability while working.


  • Dual water spray system ensures the even distribution of water around the blade
  • The adjustable/ tilting head ensures fast miter cuts
  • Powerful 1.5 horsepower, high-speed motor
  • It comes with a water pump
  • The rear locking wheels stabilize the saw
  • It’s an excellent tile cutter for porcelain


  • Setting up the laser system is complicated
  • The instructions are not very clear

6. Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10″

Industrial Tile/Brick Saw

Are you looking for an industrial-quality tile saw? Perhaps you might want to try this Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10″ Industrial Saw for cutting tiles or bricks.
Now, even though you might not have heard about Chicago Power tools before since it’s not as popular as DeWALT or Bosch, the company is reputable. Chicago Electric Power Tools is an inhouse brand of power tools by Harbor Freight, a company that’s been around since 1977.

So, even though this is not the most popular of power tools companies out there, it’s still worth your dough.
This 10inch wet tile saw by Chicago Electric is a reasonably priced tile saw, and though it doesn’t come with a table/ stand, it still offers the great benefits of an excellent tile cutter/ saw. You might also like this tile saw because it works the same way as tile saws 3X its price.

This tile saw comes with a two-position cutting head which allows the adjustment of the 10inch blade ideal for cutting the standard tiles and even the 3 1/8-inch bricks.

It comes with a 3-gallon/ minute water pump inbuilt into the saw. There’s also a removable high-impact ABS water tub that makes the water system easy to clean. The water system also includes a 45 degrees miter fixture.

To meet the high-performance standards and needs in industries, this tile saw boasts an impressive 2.5 horsepower dual capacitor motor with thermal overload protection and sealed bearings. Thanks to its power and the size, this saw can easily cut tiles up to 18 inches long. It also makes diagonal tile cuts of up to 12 inches and a maximum depth of 3 1/8 inches.

It’s a heavy-duty saw as seen in its oversized steel frames. This frame has a precision linear bar system which allows for the smooth operation of the tile saw. You might also like the sturdy cast-alloy-aluminum column as well as its cutting head because these mean that you only have to deal with minimal vibrations.
Unfortunately, this tile saw doesn’t come with a blade as is the case with other tile saws.


  • An affordable alternative to DeWALT and Bosch tile cutters
  • Excellent, powerful tile cutter for DIYs
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for cutting tiles and bricks
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful 2.5 Horsepower tile saw
  • Sliding table designed well for bevel and straight cuts
  • Easy setup


  • No blade and you have to buy one separately
  • No stand



If looking for the best tile saws, ensure that you look at the features offered, against the price. You need to determine the type of tile saw you’re looking for, the amount of work you need to do, whether you need to use it frequently, and the complexity of the project.

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