Best Wood to Build A Bed Frame

Here are a few things we could all agree on: first; that a bed is only as good as its frames, and secondly, finding the right wood for the perfect bed frame is surprisingly frustrating?

Well, with that said, we understand that many people, just like you are in an endless search for what could be the best type of wood for their bed frames. And we’d like to end their frustration or in the very least, make the search for the best wood for a bed frame less stressful.plans for wooden bedsSince you spend about a third of your life sleeping, it’s important for you to sleep in the best bed you can. Good sleep is essential not just for rest, but it’s also an important part of your mental health, productivity, mood, weight, and general health. And since good sleep starts with a good bed, which means that best bed frame, we have some good ideas about the kind of wood you’d want to use in your woodworking project for the bed.

To do this, we’ve researched widely and have analyzed the characteristics of various types of woods and have come up with a list of the best woods you could use to build your bed with. They include:

Pine Wood

If you’re a DIY woodworker, you’ve probably been advised to purchase the best of pinewood boards for your woodworking projects. But have you ever questioned this? We did. And it turns out that pine wood is one of the best and the most popular type of wood recommended for bed frames not just because it’s the most affordable type of lumber, but also because of its versatility. You can use pine wood for flooring, fencing, as well as framing.

The other benefits of pine wood include its resistance to rotting and decay. While this resistance to decay is an added advantage, don’t overlook the wood treatment process. It’s just as important. Pinewood is also recommended because of its natural decorative design, and also the fact that you can drive nails through pinewood with great ease. Also, you can blend pine wood with any other type of wood, and it will look nice.

So, even though pine wood is imperfect, it’s as good as it gets. Note that the Southern Yellow Pine is also ideal for the bed slats as it is one of the strongest woods you will find around. It’s firm, durable, and it won’t break under the weight of the bed.

Poplar Wood

wooden bed plans

A good alternative to pinewood is poplar. Poplar is a common type of wood used in woodworking and general building. Besides the fact that poplar trees grow significantly fast, the wood is also great for making bed frames.It has a remarkable grain and length, and you can find a poplar wood board that is more than 16 feet long. Poplar is also known for its straight and fine grain, as well as the fact that it stains easily. Its assembly is also easy.

Building a wooden bed frame isn’t as hard as people make it out to be.

Douglas Fir Wood

If you’re looking for the right wood to use on your bed frames, specifically the slats, you might want to try Douglas Fir Wood. It’s super durable, resistant to warping, and it has vertical grain.

The other advantage of fir wood is its ability to adjust to the humidity. The wood is already seasoned, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the wood shrinking, twisting or cracking as its moisture levels change. This lumber is also one of the strongest and the stiffest of North American softwoods. And since it grips nails with ease and without any risk of splitting, this wood is great for your bed’s slats. It’s also beautiful.

Red Oak

Red Oak wood is another type of wood that makes an excellent fit for bed frames. A type of hardwood, the red oak is characterized by a light brown/ pinkish waterlike/ swirling pattern. White oak, on the other hand, has tiger-stripe grains, as well as yellow flecks and rays.

Red oak is quite durable, and it’s also resistant to warping. Its wavy grain gives it its distinctive look.


Mahogany makes an excellent bed frame lumber. It is a hardwood known for its strength. Mahogany is also an excellent fit for carving. Because of its medium-grain with uniform pores, a tan-reddish color, mahogany is beautiful. The other reason why you’d want to use mahogany is that it will maintain its shape and it will neither swell nor shrink. It’s also stable and decay-resistant. It is, however, expensive.


beech wood for bed frame

This is a pale-colored, heavy, medium-to-hard wood that makes great bed frames, besides stools and chairs. It has tight grains that appear as large medullar rays. It’s a lot like birch or maple.

It’s also hard, durable, and shock-resistant. You might also like it because it stains well.

MapleWood to Build A Bed

Maple is a medium-to-hard wood and light-colored. It is shock-resistant thanks to the diffused and pores that are sized evenly for the perfect texture. Maple is durable, and it stains quire well.

Your other options include mango wood, teak, spruce, cedar, larch, and rosewood (Sheesham).

Bed Slats

Besides Douglas Fir Wood, you could also use

  • Hickory wood – it’s very resilient and shock-resistant, but lightweight
  • Yellow poplar wood – it’s durable, versatile, and easy to plane or stain.
  • You could also use cherry, pine, or mahogany.

While there are many varieties of wood you could use to make a bed frame, you need to ensure that you always use solid wood for the frame. The wood selected also needs to be free of damage, easy to clean, and as natural as possible.
Besides the hardwoods and the softwoods, the other woods that make bed frames include plywood, engineered wood, and MDF.


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