6 Best Woodworking Books for Beginners

If you’ve always loved to work with your hands, see and marvel at a finished product and go to bed later knowing that you did or created something wonderful, you’re in the right place. You could also be a new or an old dad wishing to learn more about woodworking. Well, today is a good day for you to learn.

Woodworking is an excellent way for you to pass the time and create magic with your hands (along with the best woodworking tools). And if you trust yourself enough to let your crafty side out, we’re going to offer you some guiding light in the name of the best woodworking books for beginners.

You see, while you could learn a great deal about woodworking by watching crafting videos on YouTube or TV, nothing packs in more knowledge than a good book. And the best bit is that some of the books you find will have pictorial illustrations of the woodworking steps, allowing you to create everything from simple woodworking benches to books cases, cabinets and complete furniture sets.

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If woodworking enthralls you, these books will ensure that you start off on the right foot.

1. The Why and How of Woodworking – Michael Pekovich

Michael Pekovich

Nothing says the best woodworking book for beginners better than this book – the Why and How of Woodworking. From its title, you can tell that this book offers newbies everything they need to know about woodworking; which is why this book is regarded as the best books for beginners in woodworking.

Authored by Michael Pekovich, this book offers exceptional tips on how you can produce an exceptional piece of work, one that is not only worth your time but also your time and money.

In addition to the actual woodworking tips, this book arms new woodworker with skills and tricks to help them stand out from the rest of the world. Today, woodworking is one of those skills that everyone wants to master, which means that it’s rather difficult for new woodworkers to stand out.

This book is a game changer that allows you to learn and unravel new ways through which you can use the woodworking knowledge gained to make masterpieces while adding value to the lives of other people around you.

The other reason why this book is regarded as one of the best is that its author is quite the teacher. Michael Pekovich takes his time to explain everything woodworking in great detail, ensuring that you understand the basics and grow to be an expert.

The book will also arm you with philosophy lessons, design patterns, wood selection, work methods, shop tips, and finishing. Basically, you’ll learn everything you didn’t know about woodworking, the basics that will help you become the best woodworker in your time.

You might also like the practicality of the book, as well as the clarity, comprehensiveness, and high-quality photos, illustrations, and layouts.
Thanks to the illustrations and guides given in this book, you will learn more about how to design and build boxes, cabinets, casework, chests, and tables, among other types of furniture.


2. The Complete Manual of Woodworking


If you have little or zero knowledge of woodworking, you might like this book as it teaches everything one needs to know in woodworking.
The book covers the basics, but it also provides detailed descriptions for wood types, as well as the science behind the woods, meaning that you will know which wood type to use for different woodworking projects.

You will also learn more about the different woodworking tools, when and how to use them in the creation of spectacular crafts.
This manual also provides tons of information on general woodworking. The use of high-quality pictures on the book will ensure that learning is fun, fast, and easy. There are at least 1,8000 drawings, diagrams, and photos, all designed to inspire and also guide you to learn and to improve your woodworking skills.
You will also learn about wood joinery, fastening, bonding, and laminating, among other skills. In short, this book offers a comprehensive guide into all the aspects of woodworking. The only catch is the hardcover version of this book is quite pricey.


3. The Joint Book – The Complete Guide to Wood Joinery

The Complete Guide to Wood Joinery

One of the most important aspects of woodworking is wood joinery, and this book will teach you everything you need to know about the art of wood joinery. You will learn how to choose the right joints for your woodworking projects, becoming one of the best woodworkers around.

While wood joinery is one of the most important elements of woodworking, many woodworkers find themselves struggling to make the perfect joints. But if you learn from this Joint Book, you will be one of the few woodworkers who’ve perfected the art.

The Joint Book offers comprehensive and step-by-step explanations on the steps a woodworker needs to take to create high-quality joints. You will learn about the art of creating edges and scarfs, miters and bevels lapped and housed, dowels and biscuits, among others.
So, if you’re new to woodworking and you find yourself struggling to create diverse and perfect joints, this book should be able to guide you. The book allows you to enhance your joinery skills with ease.

Learning from this Joint Book is further made easier by the 70+ types of joints, as well as the illustrations guiding you on how to make the different kinds of joints with ease.

All you need to do to benefit from this book is to keep the book next to your workbench for easy access. And as the ideal joinery book for beginners, you will be able to make frequent references quickly. The illustrations, diagrams, and photographs make the learning of joint works a breeze. So, whether you’re a beginner in woodworking, an intermediate learner, or even a pro, this book will push you ahead of your peers and make you the go-to wood joinery expert. The only catch is that if you’re green in woodworking, you might not understand some of the words used in the book.


4. Complete Starter Guide to Whittling

Woodworking guide

In woodworking, whittling is one of the most important skills you could master. Whittling, also called wood carving, is an intricate woodworking art that allows you to carve different kinds of wood designs imaginable.

If you are new to woodworking and you wish to kick your woodworking abilities up a notch, this is the book you want to have on your workbench. This book, The Complete Starter Guide to Whittling shared woodcarving tips, tricks, and techniques shared by experienced woodcarvers. Thanks to the information shared in the book, you will be able to grab a knife and a piece of wood or a twig and create art.

This book offers details insights into the process of carving; how to carve different objects to perfection. With 24 whittling projects covered in the book, there’s nothing you will not learn about whittling. And if you have basic whittling skills, this book will help you improve your carving skills and expand your whittling knowledge in a very short time.

Besides beginners in whittling, this book is also ideal for pro woodworkers who wish to improve or perfect their woodcarving skills. Thanks to the how-to guides, the pictorials, and the step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to carve fun displays, impressive gifts, and even toys.
Note that this book is quite detailed as it also teaches about carving techniques for different books, which knife to use, the wood grain, types of whittling cuts, and your safety during whittling.


5. The Woodworking Basics – Mastering the Essentials of Craftsmanship – Peter Korn

This book offers a detailed approach to learning the different skills and techniques necessary for one to perfect woodworking. The book gives you an integrated approach into the hand and power tools too, ensuring that you learn the intricacies of woodworking with ease.

You might also like that this book is ideal for the beginner, as well as intermediate and advanced woodworking learner. As a beginner, you will learn practical woodworking skills applicable to small benches, and later on, advanced skills on making high-quality furniture.

The book also teaches about safety about woodworking equipment and machinery, the use of the right hand tools, and how to mill a board, four-square. You will also learn how to cut dovetails, as well as the techniques for cutting mortises and tenon joints.


6. Good Clean Fun: The Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop – Nick Offerman

Book cover for Good Clean Fun

The title of the book, Good Clean Fun, says it all. But basically, this book is all about the creation of impressionable clean woodworking projects, the fun way. This book provides detailed woodworking projects for you to learn from, as well as tricks and woodworking shop tricks; you wouldn’t learn anywhere else.

Though slightly technical for beginners, you will not make a mistake given the high-quality descriptive photos, illustrations, and ideas. So, whether you are an expert in woodworking or if you’re new to the craft, this book will allow you to elevate your skills to the next level.


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