How to store clamps

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Storing woodworking clamps is easy, as you’re about to discover. Your workshop or garage need to not a mess because you don’t know where to place these complex designed tools. There are tons of ways you can do it, but here we’ll explore just a few that will get the job done and your shed … Read more

How to Make A Wooden Bed Frame

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If you’re a DIY woodworker whose only now learning about how much money you could save from building furniture from your garage, and if you need a new bed, you’re in the best place you could be. In this article, we’ll give you detailed (but simple) instructions on how to make a bed. You also know … Read more

Cleaning woodworking clamps – A Bite-Sized guide

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Woodworking clamps are tools that are temporarily used to hold materials together securely as you work. They are handy in several places including woodworking, carpentry, and furniture making and even when working with metal. They have many uses, and that makes them get dirty over a while. One of the problems that you’ll get clamps … Read more

Dining Room Table Woodworking Plans

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We hardly ever find dream dining room tables in the stores. And even we do find something close to perfect, it seems the table always comes with one or more caveats. But in most cases, the cost of the dining table is insanely high. Which is why woodworking is your next and only alternative. With … Read more

Why do you need to adjust woodworking routers?

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Also known as a bit, you can adjust the height of a router cutter for cutting to control how deep you’re going to cut into a given material. There are various applications. You could change the router if you want to reach a specific depth or you have to do the same thing but on … Read more

DIY corner TV stand

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You don’t have to go to the store to get the perfect TV stand. In an era where DIY projects are taking over, there is plenty of fresh ideas that you can adapt and get you the ideal TV stand that will make your living room pop. Another aspect that you’re perhaps considering getting a … Read more

Woodworking Bench Plans

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Woodworking might be the best hobby you ever pick up, but can we all agree that the first few days and weeks of woodworking are rather challenging? Especially if you know nothing about the woodworking processes, tools, and plans? But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Your first woodworking piece, perhaps a bench, … Read more

Woodworking plans for king size beds

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The beauty of such DIY plans is that they could be customized and they also save money and time while giving you the grand opportunity to select the size, preferred design, and the finishes for the bed. But having the right plan is not enough. You also need the best quality lumber (pine boards are … Read more

How do woodworking routers work?

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In this article, we’re going to look at how wood routers work. First, we begin with saying that a wood router is a powerful tool that gets used for routing out or in other words, cut out an area of a piece of material. It is handy, especially in cabinetry, but it is something that … Read more

How much do table saws weigh?

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You could be getting a table saw for your workshop. You could also be purchasing one to be taken from one location to another, following where the work is. Either way you’d want to know how much a table saw weighs so that you’re mentally prepared for the carrying you will have to do. Here … Read more