Everything you should know about the DeWALT Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand

Your miter saw, regardless of its cost and the technological fittings it offers for top performance, is only as good and worth as the miter stand that supports it.

A flimsy stand puts your miter saw at great risk of damage or falls, both which result in irreparable damage. So, if you’re shopping for a high-quality miter saw stand, you need to ensure that you’re buying a heavy-duty tool.

dewalt heavy duty saw stand

DeWALT is one of the best power tools’ companies around, and if you’ve invested in their best miter saw, it’s only fair that you protect your investment with a heavy-duty miter saw stand.

The DeWALT DWX723 is one of the sturdiest saw stands. And as its name suggests, the stand is cutout for heavy-duty projects.

Therefore, if you are a woodworker looking for the best power tools and accessories to ensure the efficiency of your projects, you might want to try this miter saw stand.

The stand not only allows you to saw effectively by offering support to your workpieces and the miter saw, but it also keeps you safe by ensuring that you don’t have pieces of wood flying all over the place, hurting you or anyone else in the vicinity.

On top of all these, the right miter saw stand would enhance the accuracy of your cuts.

This saw stand makes all these (and more) possible. It also has a number of other features that make it the ideal heavy-duty miter saw stand.

For starters, this miter saw stand boasts a high weight capacity of 500lbs. Most of the other stands you find on the market have a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. Therefore, this stand falls squarely in the heavy-duty miter stand category.

Features of DEWALT DWX723

DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Heavy Duty (DWX723)

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  • Universal design works with all brands of miter saws. Extended Tool Width 151 inch. Folded Tool Width 70 inch. Folded Tool Height 6 inch
  • Lightweight aluminum construction (35pounds.) allows for easy transport to and from the jobsite
  • 5 1/2 Inch beam extends to support up to 16 Feet of material and up to 500 pounds
  • Miter saw mounting brackets allow easy and secure mounting of miter saw to stand
  • Non marring feet on tool mount will not scratch material.Extended Tool Height:32 inch

Sturdy BeamsSturdy Beams

Heavy-duty means that the equipment will support the heavy weight of your miter saw in addition to the weight of the wood you’re cutting. This miter saw stand lives up to its name with its strong and sturdy beams.

The beam extends been designed intuitively to ensure that the stand supports the heaviest materials with ease. The beams also enhance the stability of the stand.

When you’re supporting heavy items, you need to use a piece of equipment that boasts a remarkable level of stability, and this stand offers just that. Remember that stability goes hand in hand with the accuracy of your cuts, as well as your safety.

The legs of this stand also enhance its stability. The 5-½ beam extends to allow the stand to support materials as long as 16ft and a weight of 500lbs.

Lightweight, but Durable Aluminum Construction

If you’re a woodworker who moves from one site to another or even from the shed out in the yard to the garage, you should be able to use your miter saw stand at any of these locations.

image of a dewalt stand

For this, the stand should be portable and lightweight. And this DEWALT DWX723 offers just that, weighing a mere 35lbs. Its aluminum construction means that even though you get to use the stand to cut the heaviest materials, you can still take it with you to a job site without worrying about weight or breaking parts while on commute.


This saw stand also sports a slim fit design which allows you to fit the stand in your truck with ease.

Universal Design

The other reason why this is our favorite miter saw stand is that the stand has a universal design which allows you to use the stand with all the major brands of miter saws. This stand will be in use longer than most of your other woodworking tools.


In addition to a miter saw stand’s lightweight design, you also need to be sure that the stand will be easy to move around a job site. While the stand lacks wheels, the legs of the stand are easily foldable. Therefore, you can carry the stand to and from your job site without much hassle.

The brackets feature a quick-release feature which allows you to place your miter saw at any point on the rails. With this setup, you can release the saw fast, hence the higher degree of portability provided by the saw’s stand.
The other impressive feature of this saw is that its brackets allow setting up of two saws at once.

Ease of Use

Despite its high weight capacity, this miter saw stand is quite easy to use since it comes with a number of features that will ensure you don’t struggle using the stand. Among the features are the leg lock levers, the non-marring feet on the tool mount, the mount brackets, and even the fast release function.

The leg lock levers are stealthily designed and placed to allow for the fast set up of the stand, while the extension lock levers will allow for fast/ secure tightening of the leg extensions. The extensions allow an additional length of up to 50 inches. In this case, the levers ensure steady locking of your support extensions while also offering an extra degree of impact resistance.

There also are work supports/ stops which are adjustable and could be repositioned fast, anywhere on the rails. The stand’s ease of use and setup is further enhanced by the miter saw stand’s mounting brackets which facilitate fast mounting of the stand, securely.
You might also like the non-marring feet located on the tool mount. These feet ensure that the work-piece you’re working doesn’t get scratched by the tool mount.

In addition to holding more than one saw comfortably, this stand also allows you to make adjustments depending on your needs along the rail, and up or down the rail.
This stand stands at 150inches wide and 32 inches high when you extend it fully. When folded, the stand extends 73 inches wide and 6 inches high.


  • Easy to use setup
  • Large weight capacity of 500lbs
  • You can raise, lower, or slide back your saw on this stand
  • It can hold two miter saws comfortably
  • Brackets and lock levers enhance its ease of use
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Durable design
  • Versatile stand
  • Sturdy legs and beam extends
  • Works great!


  • No wheels
  • A slope inside brackets
  • Leveling on the irregular ground is difficult



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