DIY corner TV stand

You don’t have to go to the store to get the perfect TV stand. In an era where DIY projects are taking over, there is plenty of fresh ideas that you can adapt and get you the ideal TV stand that will make your living room pop.

Another aspect that you’re perhaps considering getting a DIY corner TV stand is because you want somewhere to place your souvenirs and other decorations from your travels or local store. You can also transform it into a centerpiece with these ideas we have for you. Let’s get started!

tv corner stand

Tip: This project should be fun. As soon as you begin to feel overwhelmed, you should perhaps take a step back. Therefore, before starting, get a corner TV stand idea that resonates with you and has as much fun as you can creating it.

You can also take the ideas that are here and make a hybrid of what you love. There are varying tastes as there are ideas. You can, therefore, take multiple suggestions and turn it into one pieces- a masterpiece.

Old crates

DIY corner TV stand from old crates

Yes, you can put those crates in the garage, or the tool shed to good use. If you don’t have any, you can scout for some in your local area. The farmers market or yard sales are some of the places you can source for crates if you don’t have any. Are you handy with tools? How about using it as an opportunity to bring out all your woodwork expertise and make crates in the sizes you want?

Once you have the crates, stack them properly to form a rectangular shape so that it looks like how a typical stand looks like. Ensure that the boxes are strong enough to hold your TV and the odds and ends that you will end up putting into making the place look more striking. The open side of the crates should be facing the room where you can put other gadgets and the mentioned decorations. Ensure that the boxes are stable. If they feel a bit shaky, you can harmer in some nails to make it sturdy.

Planksdiy tv stand from planks

If you want to get in some work, then you can opt for this idea as well. What makes it ideal is that you can create whatever shape you want. There are nail guns that will make piecing to get the pieces barely an inconvenience. There is also the option of gluing the pieces of wood together.

And the idea is making cubby holes of various sizes, all with the same depth. The top should be able to comfortably hold your TV. The rest you can even put in books and other trinkets. Your DIY corner TV stand will look like something out of a book once you’re done. Ensure that you have an actual plan of how you want the stand to look like so that you can cut the pieces of wood to fit.

Old pieces of wood from former DIY projects

diy tv stand from old peces of wood

With the planks, you can get the freshly cut from the lumber or hardware store. What about what is in your backyard? Do you have pieces of wood or old furniture that you can repurpose? You can sand them down and apply a coat of varnish or whatever color (such as white and gold) that will give your stand a rustic look.

If you have had other projects in the past, then this is the perfect way to put together all that leftover wood to good use. Only ensure that when you’re going for this look, the décor in your room aligns as well. You’ll make a fantastic stand, and you don’t want a situation where it looks out of place.

Plywood + tiles (or material of your choice)

diy tv stand from plywood tiles

If you’re looking for a more simple design, then you can opt for plywood. If it is not as firm you have the option of reinforcing it with wood plates. What about tiles? You could create a plywood shelf that is sturdy and then add tiles or other material of your choice. Do you instead want to look like a basilica and use pieces of glass?

You have free reign to do as you wish here. Once you’re done, you’ll have artwork as your TV stand. It should impress your guests and make you proud of the work you’ve done.


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