How to store clamps

Storing woodworking clamps is easy, as you’re about to discover. Your workshop or garage need to not a mess because you don’t know where to place these complex designed tools. There are tons of ways you can do it, but here we’ll explore just a few that will get the job done and your shed organized.

1. Clap storage racks

Yes, there are manufacturers in the market that have seen the need to have your precious clamps stored in the right matter. That is why you can get a clamp storage rack from your local hardware store or online. Getting the shelf is ideal for small spaces given that it is compact.

2. Parallel clamp rack

If you have wall space, then you can use the parallel clamp. If you’re stuck for space, you’re able to make the most out of your storage with the parallel clam rack. The construction is well built and can withstand whatever you put on it.

3. Overhead clamp holder

For those spring and bar clamps and also more extended bar clamps you can get a hanging clamp holder. It is ideal if you have a large workshop. The overhead clamp also frees up space. Even in smaller areas, you have enough space to put other accessories. When you use this storage option, you’re able to optimize space and also keep your working space neat.

4. Vertical clamp rack

clamp rack storage

What of those with more floor space? You can also get a rack that stands tall in your workspace. This kind of rack is ideal for large workshops or for someone who has a lot of clamps that they need to store. You can also get the clamp holder in the form of simple pipes standing stall.

5. Wall storage

If you want a permanent home for your clamps you can screw caps tightly on the walls and hang them. Once you have the caps on the wall, drill holes at the top and widen the holes using nuts. Once you’re done, attach the clamps and hang them on the wall.

6. Hang bars

What about getting bars running across from one wall to another? You can get hang bars where you can vertically keep your clamps. You can also use the bars to attach other items that you have in your workshop.

7. Storage box

If you’re not into any of the above, you can get a storage box to put your clamps. You’ll have to be organized when you’re arranging them, but they ought to fit well. Get a box that is large enough also to accommodate your expanding collection.

storage box for clamps

8. Rack or shelf

If you’re pressed for space, you can always get a shelf or racks that you can store your various woodwork tools. You can also have a designated area where you keep them so that you don’t have to spend half an hour searching. Labeling the various sections can also make your work easier.

9. Crates

Again, if you’re short for space or you’re not inspired to purchase a clamp stand, you can always get a container that is designated toward clamps only. If you have a variety, you can still label the various kinds that you have so that you can see where they are at a glance.

10. Clamp cart

Another place you can store your claps is through making or purchasing a clamp cart. This type of clamp storage is ideal if you have an ample workspace or the distance between your work station and where you store your equipment is far.

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11. Mobile storage

How about putting a self on wheels? It’s perfect for storage and for moving around to the space that you need. For professionals, then this idea is perhaps the best with regards to storage and mobility. They can be neatly arranged, and the whole portable shelf tucked away in a corner when not in use.

mobile storage for wooden clamps

12. Eclectic clamp holder

If you’re worried about storing clamps, then you likely have pieces of wood lying around. You can look of inspiration on how to build a regular easy homemade clamp storage space and make one yourself. It doesn’t require you to follow all the steps. Get the basic idea and make something of your own.

Wrap up

We hope these ideas have shed light into all the ways you can store your clamps. They are both functional and handy so you’re able to enjoy the space that you’re working in.


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