How much do table saws weigh?

You could be getting a table saw for your workshop. You could also be purchasing one to be taken from one location to another, following where the work is. Either way you’d want to know how much a table saw weighs so that you’re mentally prepared for the carrying you will have to do. Here we are going to answer how much table saws weigh.

how much does a table saw weigh

The answer to what it weighs very much depends on several things, the brand included. So there is no direct answer on how much a table saw weighs because it does indeed depend on what you choose. However, on average, table saws that are portable weight about 70 pounds. The lightest you can get go for about 45 pounds. There are super heavy ones that can go for as much as 100 pounds and upward.

The latter weight of table saws is best when you have a workshop, and you won’t be moving the table around because that is way too much weight to be moving around. That’s not all; there are stationary tables that weigh about 250 to 500 pounds.

You’ll opt for these heavyweights if you’re dealing with heavy material that needs the table to weigh that much to get the support it needs. You will, therefore, find these saw tables at workshops where they make heavy-duty furniture using various materials.

Table saws cut through large pieces of lumber like a knife cuts through butter.

What contributes to the weight of a table saw?

eight of a table saw

Various factors led to the weight that a table saw ends up having. It is these things that will also determine if you’re going to get a portable table saw. They also decide whether you’re going to buy something that remains stationary in your workshop. If you’re a professional that works on sites, then it matters most the weight you settle for.

Equally, if you’re getting something substantial, you want to be sure that the floor where it rests is reinforced as you don’t want to damage the flooring. Work closely with the manufacturer or salesperson to determine what you need beforehand.

Some of the things that contribute to the weight include the fence rails, the motor, extension wings, and other additional features. Before attempting to move your portable table saw, then you have to remove them to reduce the lifting weight. Now let’s get into what makes a table saw weigh what it does.

The material of the table

For starters, what the table is made from profoundly affects the overall weight of a table saw. The content is linked with how durable the table is going to be. That means that a portable table that is ultra-light will not last as long.

You, therefore, don’t want to pick the lightest table in the market. You want to ensure that the table material will survive the weight you put on it and repetitive use. Some tables are as light as 38 pounds; you want to opt for these if you’re doing small DIY projects and not to create bulky pieces.

The material of the legs

You’ll find that the legs of the lightweight, portable table saws are made from plastic instead of metal. When you compare the two, it is evident that metal will outlast the plastic. As stated, you want to get something with plastic legs only if you’re doing smaller projects. If you’re doing some more extensive works, you have to ensure that you get a table saw with metal legs.


Some models come with carts so that moving around your portable table saw is that much easier. How much the cart weighs affects the entire product’s weight. The fantastic thing though is that it makes moving around a job site that much more comfortable than the weight almost won’t matter.

How big the table saw is

This point is straightforward, but worth mentioning. If you’re gravitating toward a large table saw then you’re subsequently choosing something more substantial. That’s simply because there’s more material. You’ll also find that the features and add-ons are contributing to the overall weight, all dependent on what you use the table saw for.

Wrap up

While we have looked at how much do table saws weigh, ultimately what matters is the dimensions you go for that will matter. Before making that order, you have to ensure that a portable table saw fits your truck. If you’re opting for the stationary table saw, you have to ensure that it does indeed fit your workshop and doesn’t crowd the place.

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