Woodworking Bench Plans

Woodworking might be the best hobby you ever pick up, but can we all agree that the first few days and weeks of woodworking are rather challenging? Especially if you know nothing about the woodworking processes, tools, and plans?wooodworking table

But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Your first woodworking piece, perhaps a bench, could be the most elegant piece you ever create thanks to woodworking bench plans.

Thanks to bench plans, you can build an excellent workbench in your shed or the garage. The bench plan will ensure that you complete all your projects on time, safely, and if you throw in some creativity, you might also end up with some extra storage space.

All you need to do is select the ideal plan for you. The best part is that the free workbench plans, like the ones we’ll share in this article, are available to match different skillsets. So, whether you’re experienced in woodworking or are a novice woodworker learning the ropes of the trade, these plans will guide you.

In addition to the overall design plans, you will also have a list and cost of supplies, as well as the expected completion time provided for you. Therefore, you only need to follow the instructions given to create that workbench you so much need.

woodworking plans

Before you select a plan, however, you need to take into account factors such as the available space for you to work with, the intended purpose of the workbench, and the availability of the resources needed for the bench.

From the workbench plan and the newly created workbench, you could build a picnic case, a bookcase, or even a deck of a gazebo. All you need is time.
Besides the plans, you also need the right tools. A handsaw or a circular saw, measuring tape, power drill, square, and a pencil are your basic tools
So, which are some of the woodworking bench plans you might want to try?

1. The Ultimate Garage Workbench Plan by Curbly

If you’re a new DIY woodworker, this might be the simplest woodworking bench plan you ever work create and work with. Why? The plan for this workbench allows you to build an exceptional workbench using easy-to-find lumber, it’s rock-solid, and you can build it in one weekend.

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The workbench will have a large worktop and using the common dimensions for lumber; the workbench will last a lifetime. In addition to being free, you might also like that you don’t need complicated tools for the bench.

You need a materials’ list, tips, color photos, diagrams, a drill (perhaps a cordless one), a miter or a circular saw, a socket wrench, a chisel, and clamps. You will also need a tape measure, safety glasses, a Forstner bit, a brad-point drill bit, and a dust mask.

As great a hobby as woodworking is, it’s important to you put safety first.

For lumber, you need 4x4s, 2x4s, and 2x6s, all 8 feet long. You will also need nuts and accompanying washers, long screws, wood glue, sandpaper, and oil finish. To design your garage workbench, this printable PDF plan will guide you.

  • First, buy your hardware and lumber
  • Cut the wood to the desired length
  • Layout your joinery (bed bolt system)
  • Drill the legs
  • Drill the cross members
  • Make the benchtop
  • Create your nut mortises
  • Assemble the base then complete it.
  • Sand and oil your workbench

By following these steps, you will end up with a good quality workbench.

2. The Family Handyman’s Simple Workbench Plan

The Family Handyman is a reputable name in the woodworking world, and if you are new to woodworking, you will learn a great deal from them. Today, however, you begin your woodworking lessons with the Family Handyman’s Simple Workbench plan.

This plan will guide you in building a very sturdy workbench, and the best part is that you will have your workbench ready within a day.woodowrking projectsThis workbench plan allows you to build a workbench with bottom drawers and shelves for your storage needs.
The plan comes with a free workbench blueprint, as well as simple, step-by-step instructions for building the workbench. You will also have access to a list of the tools and materials you will need.

You might also like that this woodworking bench is inexpensive and it will set you back anything from $20 to $100 since it has simple components.
What do you need?

  • A chalk line
  • Drill or driver, preferably a cordless drill
  • Circular saw
  • Framing square
  • Tape measure
  • Drill bit set
  • Hammer
  • One-handed bar clamps

The cutting list contains the names of the parts, as well as their dimensions.
Wondering just how strong the workbench will be? Well, this workbench is simple enough for beginners, but strong enough to support a V8 and tough to last forever.

Here are the simplified steps you will follow:

  • Cut the workbench parts carefully using the plan as a guide for the dimensions and specifications of the parts
  • Assemble the workbench’s shelf and drawer sections
  • Attach/ screw on the legs and the shelf
  • Install the workbench’s top and then trim the screen molding
  • Build your drawers
  • Apply your finish

3. The Family Handyman’s Garage Workbench Plan

The garage workbench plan is yet another simple woodworking bench plan by the Family Handyman. This plan will allow you to create the perfect workbench for your garage, complete with drawers, shelves, as well as the top that folds out to give you more working space.

woodowrking plans

Thanks to the workbench plan, you will have a complete workbench in a day. The plan comes with a sketch, simple but complete instructions, and a list of tools and materials. Unlike the simple workbench, this garage workbench costs a little more – you will spend between $100 and $500.

But even with this budget, this plan allows you to create one very compact garage fold-up workbench in your garage, especially when you have limited space. And the best bit is that this plan allows amateurs and newbies to create their own workbenches with ease.

The tools you will need include a circular saw, jigsaw, a drill bit set, a cordless drill/ driver, a paintbrush, framing square, speed square, tape measure, and a straight edge.
You will also need materials such as a 120-grit sanding paper, wood glue, and a wood filler.

  1. To get started, first gather all the materials you require and then assemble your main components. When assembling the components, you will need to lay the top sides upside down and then attach then.
  2. Next, flip the whole thing over and then attach the bottom. The best sides of the wood should face up.
  3. Next, build the bottom and the top, and then attach the sides.
  4. Fasten the drawer and the shelf dividers. Attach the back of the workbench then build your drawers. Here, you need to install your drawer guides.
  5. Next, attach the back and then build the drawers.
  6. Install the foldable top
  7. Cut then assemble the support arms
  8. Fasten your braces and the molding and then apply the finish of your choice.

4. Shanty 2 Chic’s Free Workbench Plan

If you want to build a workbench with a large worktop along with a bottom shelf on wheels, you might like this workbench plan. This workbench plan will allow you to create a woodworking bench that you can take with you wherever your woodworking skills and expertise are needed.

But even when this is not the case, the workbench will allow you to work indoors or outdoors with ease.

Your supply list for this workbench includes lumber, MDF, a Kreg Jig, wood screws, and locking rubber casters.

  • You also need to keep in mind that this woodworking bench plan requires you to have two frames – top frame and bottom frame for the shelf. The dimensions for the frames are provided. Put the frames together.
  • Work on the legs then attach your legs to the frames.
  • Work on the shelves – use MDF
  • Add the casters

5. Fix This Build That – DIY Kids Workbench

Would you like to introduce your kids to woodworking early? Perhaps you should have them get started early by helping you build a woodworking bench just for them. This adorable little workbench will have a worktop, a pegboard, and a bottom shelf.

The best part is that despite the bench being designed for kids, adults could use it too and all you have to do for this is to raise up the counter level.Raising the counter level makes this an excellent adult workbench when space is limited. This kids’ workbench stands high at 24 inches.

To build one, you need a Kreg Face Clamp, a cordless drill, a random orbital sander, Kreg Jig K4, and a jigsaw. For the building materials, you will need to select pine boards in the outlined dimensions, pocket hole screws, and MDF. The specifications for the materials are outlined in the plan. Follow the instructions given for the workbench.

For your next woodwork challenge, try building a dining table using these plans.


Workbench plans are an excellent way for you to create a sturdy workbench for use at the garage or the shed. Since you need a workbench for all your woodworking projects, you need to make sure that you follow the steps of the woodworking bench plan to create the perfect bench. The plans above are some of the best woodworking bench plans.

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