Woodworking plans for king size beds

The beauty of such DIY plans is that they could be customized and they also save money and time while giving you the grand opportunity to select the size, preferred design, and the finishes for the bed.

But having the right plan is not enough. You also need the best quality lumber (pine boards are resistant to decay, and they have a beautiful finish), wood boards without dents, and they should be of the right size. You also need the right woodworking tools (drill, wood glue, screws, jigsaw/ miter saw, spirit level, chalk line, tape measure, drill bits, and glasses, among others).

Here are some simple tips you should follow:

  • Pre-drill holes into your wooden components just before you drive in your screws
  • Adjust the headboard’s size to match your taste and needs.
  • Add a good number of coats of the wood stain on the wood boards.

Best King size bed woodworking plans

1. How to Specialist – King size bed frame plan

King size bed frame plan

In this plan, and after you’ve determined the right size for your bed, you need to build a headboard. For the headboard, you will have to build the headboard first as different components, and then you can join them in place using screws.For the perfect headboard, first, build your panel from the wooden boards (2×6 and 1×6).

Lay down 14 slats, with no gaps between the pieces.

Next, glue the pieces using wood glue and nails. The corners must be right-angled.

When done, drill your pilot holes through your posts and insert the screws into your headboard panel then attach this header and top trims to your headboard using your wood screws.Build your foot board using the illustration on the plan. The trims need to be flush at the top and the bottom edges.

Attach the sides of the bed’s frame then attach the wooden board to the sides (inside) of your frame. Put the slats in place and apply the last finishes. This plan is one of the easiest to follow, and you will help you build a good quality king size bed in a day.

Take the hassle out of finding the right bed frame wood using our guide below.

2. Free King Fancy Farmhouse Bed Plan – Ana White

Ana White is an exceptional designer, and this plan is quite elegant as expected. The king bed plan is quite easy to follow. Though it’s marked as an ideal plan for intermediate woodworkers, beginners could still follow the steps and build a good bed.

To further simplify the use of the plan, its details include high-quality full images with measurements of the wooden boards, a list of tools needed for the projects, and the materials you need.

Ana White

3. Free King Size Storage Bed Plan – Do It Yourself Divas

Thanks to this simple and free plan for a king size bed, you will be able to build yourself a high-quality king size bed with storage (6 drawers – 3 on either side), and also two large and hinged spaces right below the area that the mattress lies.
This plan features four parts which are easy to follow.

The plan also includes a list of materials, cuts, and the tools you will need to complete the project. The high-quality images incorporated will ensure that you don’t miss a step.

diy divas kingsize bed

The unique bit about this plan is that you can see the concept design and how the bed’s frames will look on a piece of paper drawn by hand. The pictures of the workbench, tools, and the development of the project are clear enough to guide novice and experienced woodworkers.

The best part is that the pictorial guides also give you an accurate idea about the items you need to buy and in other cases, where you could buy yours from.

4. King Size Bed Frame Woodworking Plan – My Outdoor Plans

This is yet another detailed plan for building a king size bed. The plan lays out the list of tools you will need, as well as the materials you need to buy.

It also highlights the importance of buying the highest-quality materials of the right size for the bed frame. With this plan and the right tools, you will make this bed in one day.

The plan involves a few simple plans:

  • Build the headboard panel
  • Attach the legs to your headboard
  • Assemble your new headboard
  • Build your footboard panel
  • Fit the side leg and then fit the top component and top trims
  • Fit the side slats and then fit the cleats
  • Fit in your support slats
  • Finish with paint and protective solution of your choice.

5. Free King Size Bed Frame Plan – Shanty 2 Chic

Shanty 2 Chic

If you’re thinking about a DIY project that culminates in the best quality 7ft long by 8ft wide by 5ft tall bed, this plan could be exactly what you’ve been missing. This plan comes with detailed step-by-step instructions with dimensions, preferred tools, as well as the tips for the best results in each step. They also provide real-life pictures to simplify the instructions while ensuring that you’re doing the right thing in each step.

The plan also includes a downloadable PDF with a detailed list of tools and supplies needed, dimensions of the wooden boards, as well as color-coded illustrations. As Shanty 2 Chic warns, there are 42 images for you to feast on. These might sound like too many pictures, but a look at their plan shows that each picture serves an important role in ensuring that yours is a high-quality bed.

Again, you need to start with the headboard and then the footboard. Staining follows. Next, you’ll need to put the pieces together before putting in the slats. And just like that, you have a king size bed!

Remember that regardless of the plan you use, you shouldn’t overlook the instructions. And depending on your level of experience, find the plan that explains the woodworking plans and the processes as simply as possible.

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