The DEWALT stand – A Detailed Review

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The DEWALT rolling miter saw stand has wide adjustable infeed and outfeed work that provides support of up to eight inches of material support. You can easily adjust the mounting rails, and you’re able to use it on nearly any miter saw there is in the market. Features of The DEWALT stand There are rubber … Read more

Ridgid Miter Saw Stand – a complete outline

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If your woodworking projects are mostly geared toward framing, molding, or making of crosscuts and angled cuts, you must get one of the best miter saws. In addition to the best miter saw, you also need to find the best miter saw stand to keep your saw safe and steady, and your cuts precise. The … Read more

Best Woodworking Routers: Our Top 5 Picks

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Are you a new or old dad trying their hands on woodworking (the art of making cabinets, furniture and everything else that involves wood)? Do you have all the necessary woodworking tools in your toolbox, garage, or trunk? Anyone new to woodworking assumes that they only need a saw (perhaps a circular saw) and a … Read more

The best Woodworking Clamps

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As you learn more about the intricacies of woodworking, one thing becomes more apparent by the day: you can never have too many woodworking clamps! A woodworking clamp is a quintessential accessory in most, if not all woodworking projects, big or small. In essence, you cannot complete a woodworking project successfully without the right set … Read more

6 Best Woodworking Books for Beginners

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If you’ve always loved to work with your hands, see and marvel at a finished product and go to bed later knowing that you did or created something wonderful, you’re in the right place. You could also be a new or an old dad wishing to learn more about woodworking. Well, today is a good … Read more

Top 5 Portable Miter Saw Stand

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Miter saws have been around since the mid-1960s, and they’ve since caused an upheaval in the woodworking industry. If you’re a new or old dad looking to pursue woodworking, for fun and maybe to make a living out of it later, a portable miter is an indispensable tool in your tool bag/ box. And since … Read more

Best Jigsaw Blade for Plywood

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If you’re looking for a saw that works as every day saw and also a specialty saw, particularly one to cut plywood, look up a jigsaw. Jigsaws, whether corded, cordless, or pneumatic are excellent power tools for woodworkers looking for versatility in their DIY projects. And the best bit is that the jigsaw will allow … Read more

Sliding Compound Miter Saw Reviews

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If your woodworking projects require angled cuts or crosscuts, an investment in the best miter saw is essential. This saw allows you to make cuts for frames, window casings, or crown moldings, among others. A miter saw is designed to allow for perfect and accurate crosscuts at 90-degree angles. You could also use it for … Read more

High End Woodworking tools

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There’s something elegant and unique about woodworking. And though you always end your days all sweaty and exhausted, completing a project successfully gives you a high – an irreplaceable endorphin rush from a job well done. On top of a job well done, something else fills you up, the idea of buying the next best … Read more