Best Woodworking Dust Mask Review: 5 Great options to Stay Safe

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I don’t know if there’s any woodworker (new or old) who’s really a fan of dust masks. And even when you find someone who wears dust masks religiously, you’ll learn that they’re doing so out of necessity and after they were driven to the edge. The truth, however, is that most of us detest dust … Read more

Tile Saws Reviews: A Look at 6 of the Best

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Tile saws, also called ceramic tile cutters refer to electric cutters, which as the name suggests, cut through ceramic, porcelain, marble, glass, as well as granite tiles. These tile saws work best when a diamond blade does the cutting, and water used as a cutting coolant. If you’re a new or an old dad working … Read more

5 Best Table Saws for Woodworking Reviewed

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Are you a dad who considers DIY projects their alter-ego? Do you relish the moments that lead to the creation of masterpieces? Do your creative pieces inspire you every day to make woodworking your side hustle? Do you need a powerful and more efficient woodworking power tool to take your hobby to the next level?Well, … Read more

5 Best Rolling Miter Saw Stand Reviewed

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You might not think much about the need for a miter saw stand, but you need it. A miter saw stand supports the weight of your miter saw and the material you’re cutting, which means that your rolling miter saw stand must be sturdy, easy to use, and most importantly, portable on different terrains.Like anyone … Read more

Best Jigsaw Blade for Hardwood: 5 of Our Favorite Picks

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How well your jigsaw cut through hardwood depends solely on the blades you use. You see, while jigsaws were traditionally used for making rough cuts, albeit exclusively, today jigsaws are used for the most intricate woodworking projects, particularly the ones that call for accuracy as well as splinter-free finishes. And all these changes in use … Read more

7 Best Circular Saws Reviews

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As a dad into woodworking, investment in the right power tool is essential, and your tool bag is incomplete without the best circular saw. Though this statement comes too quickly now, it’s something most woodworkers have learned about the not-so-easy way. And since we don’t want you starting your next woodworking project without the right … Read more

9 Bed Frame Woodworking Plans That are Easy to Build

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As a woodworking hobbyist, one of the reasons that could have compelled you to get into the craft might have been the need to make high-quality furniture by yourself, saving money in the process. At least this is the case for many woodworkers we know. Unfortunately, passion alone is not enough to guide you into … Read more